Oxegen – Festival Site & App

Project Details

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Skills:Information Architecture, UX Design, UX Development

Oxegen was one of Europe’s biggest music festivals. To promote the festival and get larger tickets sales as well as providing the best customer experience a host of features and information were made available to Oxegen fans through the Oxegen website and iPhone app.

Some of these features included, live news; music updates about artists as they arrived at the festival, aggregated twitter feeds for all artists playing at Oxegen, Google maps based travel support to and from the festival, friend finder using Facebook Connect, location tagging using, user generated Facebook gallery and festival planner that let the user plan what acts they want to see. These listed are just some of a huge list of features that a festival goer could use to find out important info as well to make their visit to the festival the best experience.

The Oxegen experience worked across an number of platforms including, Smart phone app, mobile site, microsite and Facebook helping to engage users on all platforms.